Announcing Rewbase


We are happy to announce that we are changing the name of our platform to Rewbase, previously called QuiznGifts.

Our vision and our technology has changed a lot since we embarked on this journey three years ago. In the beginning the idea was to have one app called QuiznGifts where users could play games and quizzes and recieve real rewards. What was thought to 'just' be an app grew into a flexible platform that can do a whole lot more. We have used our platform for clients with different needs ranging from Sweet Games to Professional Golf Guides. 

With our new name we have also changed our look. We feel our new identity is cleaner and more neutral and matches the platforms potential. We are very happy with it and we hope you like it too. Our new look enables us to better show our logo next to other brands without being to invasive. 

Besides a new name and logo we have:

  • Redesigned our webpage
  • Updated our standard app designs*
  • Updated the Portal design and moved it to previous url will also work)
  • Watermarks: All apps now use a Rewbase splash screen and "Powered by Rewbase" replaces "Made with QuiznGifts". Watermarks can be removed via upcoming marketplace

*customers that want to keep some or all of the old look are welcome to do so. 

From now on all our communication will use Rewbase instead of QuiznGifts. Of course all Weesteer/QuiznGifts email addresses will still work. 

What will happen to QuiznGifts?

QuiznGifts will become what it originally was intended to be. An app. Our goal is to release QuiznGifts as our own app at some point. In it you will find games, quizzes and offers from different brands. If you are interested in having content and/or offers in QuiznGifts please send us an email at

Going forward

We have many exciting things coming up soon. Here are a few hints:

  • A completely new app that will enhance the client experience; Scanning coupons etc.
  • New game design
  • Marketplace for portal; add/remove modules from your app, remove watermarks etc.
  • Tutorial videos for the portal
  • New localization features

If you have any questions or feedback please contact us on

Thanks for reading! 

/ The Rewbase team

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