New app release!

Weesteer AB and Sverigegodis AB are happy to announce the release of our new game app which offers real rewards - Sweet Games! Earn credits by playing games and quizzes which can be redeemed for free candy directly through the app. – Download Sweet Games – See the Sweet Games trailer

Sweet Games is the result of the cooperation between Weesteer and Sverigeshopping. The choice of QuiznGifts™ platform and Weesteer as a partner was motivated by our groundbreaking technology. QuiznGifts™ offers technology that engages and rewards the user for interacting with the company, while the company itself has the opportunity to target, engage with and evaluate their audience. 

"We're very excited about the cooperation with Sverigeshopping AB. Games and candy are an exciting combination and we look forward to making this journey together."
- Magnus B Svensson, Founder & CEO Weesteer AB

"It's going to be very exciting to see the cooperation with Weesteer AB unfold. Their technical platform combined with their fleet footed team of entrepreneurs opens up a whole world of unique possibilities on a highly competitive market."
- Carl-Wilhelm Jonson, Founder & CEO Sverigeshopping AB

Who are Sverigeshopping?
Sverigeshopping AB run, an e-commerce for Swedish candy and soda at Swedish prices. Fast and secure deliveries right up to your door. Since quality is a big priority only work with well known candy, soda and chocolate-manufacturers such as Marabou, Cloetta, Fazer, Haribo, Malaco, Candy People, Coca Cola, Pepsi and more.

They offer a wide assortment of candy such as Swedish pick 'n' mix candy, bagged candy, chocolate and chocolate bars, American candy, chewing gum, tablet boxes and more. Swedish pick 'n' mix candy is a common purchase when visiting Sweden and they've now made it even easier for you. The Swedish pick 'n' mix candy is hygienically packed in smaller containers for the end consumer. Order from to save both time and money.

Who are Weesteer?
Weesteer is the team behind QuiznGifts™ - Digital entertainment with real rewards.
One of the most significant challenges of the modern brand and marketing professional is how to break through the buzz and really engage with their audience. To get the attention of target groups, communicate the message and get qualitative feedback is normally extremely hard work, expensive and inefficient. QuiznGifts™ attracts consumers, get their attention, make them stay connected and share experiences over time. The brand attracts more customers and receive both qualitative and quantitative data on consumer behaviour.

For further information, please contact:

Weesteer AB
Founder & CEO - Magnus B Svensson
Mob. +46 (0) 735 19 50 50

Sverigeshopping AB
Founder & CEO - Carl-Wilhelm Jonson
Mob. +46 (0) 733 99 35 85

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